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A complete learning experience

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Smart Kid

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Brief about Classroom

Curriculum + Smart Kid

DiGyan Classroom is an innovative educational package for a complete learning experience. This package includes lectures on

  • academic curriculum
  • learning methods
  • career guidance
  • computer skills
  • internet learning
  • innovation & creativity
  • leadership & entrepreneurship
  • personality development
  • motivation & ethics
  • skill training

  • DiGyan experts deliver the lectures at DiGyan centers and associated schools, colleges, institutions & societies.


    Brief about SkillTech

    Learn skill of your choice

    SkillTech is a special division of DiGyan for high end technical training to students, working professionals, job seekers and corporate clients.

  • Soft skills
  • Languages
  • Biology & Health
  • Vocational training
  • Professional courses
  • Hobbies based training
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    Beyond Classroom

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    Online Support (24x7)

    Learn beyond classroom hours

    Additional resource for our students at http://digyan.com

  • Online courses
  • Live exams
  • Email support
  • Video conference
  • Our Great Skills

    Take a look to our great skills


    School Education

    Classrooms for students of class VI-XII


    Higher Studies

    Classroom for GATE and NET examinations


    Government Jobs

    Preperattion for IAS, NDA, CDS etc.


    Digital Content

    About half of our contents are digital

    Academic Curriculum
    14-50 Kyearly
    • Class VII-XII
    • Different price for different class
    • One Smart Kid Course free
    • 50% Discount on Smart Kid package
    • Online support
    Smart Kid
    • Learning methods
    • Career guidance
    • Computer skills
    • Internet learning
    • Learning through software
    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • Leadership
    • Motivation & Ethics
    • English (speaking + writing)
    • Personality development
    • Skill Training
    • Online support
    • Choose any number of skills
    • Soft skills
    • Languages
    • Biology and health
    • Vocational training
    • Professional courses
    • Hobbies based training
    • Fee is for one course in the list
    • Discount if register for more courses

    Why Choose Us?
    There are lot of reason why!

    In today's competitive world students need to be prepared at many facets


    A through preparation of curriculum


    Appropriate use of advances in information and communication technology for efficient delivery of educational contents

    Digital content

    Students are provided with digital contents for revising concepts taught in classroom

    Online support

    We are available outside classroom hours to help students clear their doubts via email, video conference and voice/text chat

    Smart kid

    Students are trained in every aspects needed for successful career ahead

    Personality development

    Our students have great personality and very confident to crack any interview