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DiGyan stands for “Digital Gyan” and “Distribute Gyan”. Gyan is a Hindi word which literally means knowledge.
DiGyan’s provides a complete learning experience. Our motto is to enable students to lead the crowd. DiGyan aims to equip students with technologically advanced learning tools. We have five products – (a) DiGyan.com online courses, (b) DiGyan Campus, (c) DiGyan Classroom, (d) DiGyan Tutor (online and offline) and (e) DiGyan Social.
DiGyan.com offers online courses on variety of topics (specially science and technology, software and non-curriculum courses) via high-quality videos and e-books. The videos are prepared by experts of respective fields. More than 50% of the course content are in video. Individual membership is required to access regular DiGyan contents except courses that fall into capsule module.
DiGyan team deliver the lectures on selected topics (decided by schools/colleges) to students. All registered students in the school/college automatically get access to all the courses of DiGyan.com (DiGyan Campus) for selected period.
Experts/teachers registered with us offer live tutoring in online and offline mode. Offline mode of tutoring is restricted to the availability of the teachers/ DiGyan Centers in the locality. Teachers generally plan their lectures at their preferred location or at DiGyan Centers.
DiGyan technology is the way we have built our course contents. DiGyan encourages the implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education. DiGyan’s aim is to give complete learning experience to every student. Student’s special training includes modules on learning, career, skills, innovation, leadership and ethics along with curriculum. The focus is on three basic aspects which includes teaching curriculum stuffs with digital aids, teaching student “how to learn faster?” and evoking and igniting student’s creativity and innovative ideas.
Yes. Everybody has expertise in something. One should choose his/her area of expertise and make the course.
A minimum of 50% course content should be in the form of video. It should contain more than 1 hours of video lecture.
Anybody who has interest in a particular subject/course.
We are first to provide such services at one place.
Learning is most productive in children before 25 years after which people learn mainly through experience. Thinking capability/ creativity is highest during this period. Curriculum based education cannot encourage such creativity. We will make students stand out in today’s competitive world. Our courses will evoke student’s creativity and innovative ideas, giving them current development in the field of learning techniques. We will provide children the environment and techniques to learn more in less time.

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