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Three steps to register for our DiGyan Classes

  1. Choose the appropriate course.
  2. Pay either online or by bank check/draft. There are limited number of seats at each centers.
  3. Fill the application form and submit it to DiGyan office along with details of payment

Step 1 – Select Courses

We offer 3 types of courses – (a) academic courses – Class VII to XII, (b) Smart Kid Courses and (c) SkillTech Courses. Students should choose their class. Smart Kid Courses are specially designed for students to make them technically sound and for better career ahead. SkillTech courses are designed for those who has passion to learn new skills. The academic and Smart Kid Courses are common and available at all of our centers while each centers offer different sets of SkillTech courses.

Step 2 – Pay Online

Check/draft should be paid  in favor of “DiGyan SkillTech Solution Private Limited” and payable at Mumbai. One can ask for demo lectures before payment but registration will be confirmed only after payment.

Class VII

Purchase Excluding 12.36% tax

Class VIII

Add to Cart Excluding 12.36% tax

Class IX

Add to Cart Excluding 12.36% tax

Class X

Add to Cart Excluding 12.36% tax

Class XI

Add to Cart Excluding 12.36% tax

Class XII

Add to Cart Excluding 12.36% tax

Step 3: Submit Application Form to DiGyan Center

Please download following form or collect it from our office. Please submit the filled application form to our center or office.